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I have played Irish traditional music for over 20 years and I started tin whistle lessons with Pat McNally in the Nottingham Irish Center on a Saturday evening.

I quickly took to the whole social event of being around similar people young and old who just loved to play music. I competed in the local and national Fleadhs in the Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann and found a natural flair for the Irish laments or slow airs.


About Anthony Doherty

My Aim: To sell, Publish, and Licence:

I have always loved Irish music, but also got to like a host of other music genres too. Over the last 10-15 years I have jotted down lyrics and song ideas, but never really believed in them so never thought much about them, until NOW. I have not long completed some dance tracks and have a number of part-finished tracks covering a number of music styles.

I will take an active roll in studio and stage performance if it's needed, but I would consider my roll as more of a song writer and a trainee producer (ha ha) and prefer to sell, publish and licence my work for solo artists, groups, television, radio and computer gaming. In other words if I can do it I will, but I also welcome the input and knowledge from other professionals in the industry.

All the tracks on here were recorded on a small home studio set up and I know need a technical tweak in the mix here and there. I welcome the input from more experience record companies and producers, and the aim of this website is to enhance the collaboration of that!

In the mean time I will keep adding the tracks when I have finished them and will put out them under there respective music styles so keep looking for new material.

I moved on to the fiddle after 3-4 years and more or less taught myself. I had help from Kathleen Lord in Nottingham who had decades of playing under her belt and Tommy Loftus, a very talented old school fiddle player. After a love-hate relationship with the violin I saved up and bought my first 'real' one and was so amazed how good I actually sounded it gave me the confidence to carry on playing.

I co-formed a band in Nottingham with brothers Chris and John Cronin and Peter Wicklow. We called our self's Plastic Paddy after all we were second generation Irish apart from Peter, and therefore not 'real' so plastic paddy was a little joke at ourselves and no one else. We played at the Irish bars and pubs around Nottingham and moved to weekend gigs in London: The mean Fiddler, Archway Tavern, the Swan at Stockwell to name a few. Playing all over the country kept us busy at weekends, playing at weddings and christenings along the way.

Before we recorded our ‘tape’ (What’s that I hear you ask...ha ha) we changed our name to Sound as a Pound as the controversial name 'Plastic Paddy' cause a stir! We had an excellent week recording at Woodbine recording studios in Leamington Spa, with Johnny Rivers. It was such an experience to be involved in the technical side of the business, and as musicians learned so much more. It all sadly came to and end do to members re-locating over seas. Listen to our tape here... SOON!!!!!